Group music classes are currently postponed until further notice due to covid.

Private lessons are still open for enrollment, and you may register for group classes to reserve your spot when the classes can resume!

Group Music Classes

Arioso Music Academy offers a variety of different group music classes, students learn how to play and interpret music in a stimulating group environment. We have group music classes for specific instruments like violin, cello, guitar, and choir. We also have group music and movement classes for infants, toddlers, and elementary aged children. With a curriculum developed by professional musicians, these classes are a quality above Kindermusik! We take all of the benefits of Kindermusik, without all of the extra costs for Kindermusik supplies, and take it a step further preparing our students for private lessons and orchestra/band/choir participation. Students will learn more in depth music concepts and will also explore some beginner sign language through music.

Students receive a combination of individualized attention and group direction including ensemble playing. This approach leads to well-rounded musicianship, and prepares students to perform in a variety of ensembles/bands and as soloists.

Students will learn the intricacies of music - ear training, music terminology and theory, listening to each other, feeling a strong rhythmic pulse, and practicing good teamwork. These are rewarding life-long skills.

On an individual level, students will develop proficiency in a variety of musical areas including technique, rhythm, and learning to read musical notes and symbols. Each class will have a creative component and theme.

There is a non-refundable one-time registration fee per student of $35.

1yr Unlimited Group Classes

$100 / Month per Family

1yr 1 Group Class

$40.00 / Month per Student

1yr 1 Group Class Bulk Payment (5% off)


No Commitment

Drop-in Class Pass


5 Class Passes


10 Class Passes


15 Class Passes


20 Class Passes


Private Lessons Discounted for Students Enrolled in Group Classes!

30 Minute Lesson

$25 reg / $22.50 sibling

Class Descriptions

Little Movers (0-3): Little Movers is a fun music movement class for children ages 0-3 and their parents or caregivers. Children will be introduced to a variety of musical styles and rhythms while participating in fun engaging singing and dance movement. The focus of this class is for children to begin to understand the basics of music theory: Dynamics (Loud/Soft) & Tempo (Slow/Fast). The class also incorporates lots of fun books and baby sign language.

Musical Minors (age 3-5): This sing-along, dance-along group class introduces students to the next level of music theory. Students will have the opportunity to learn a variety of different hand instruments. They will begin to learn the concepts of rhythms, keeping a steady beat, as well as some beginner sign language.

Junior Jingles (age 5-7): Junior Jingles prepares students for success in advancing music lessons and classes either at Arioso Music Academy, school, or at home! Students will begin to learn more advanced theory concepts, musical terminology, and also develop their ear training and more intermediate sign language skills.

Choirs (Ages 5+): The choirs will introduce students to beginner vocal techniques, proper breathing, and performance etiquette. The older age groups will also be trained in harmonizing and improvisation. The choir groups perform in the spring recital in May (Date TBD / $25 recital fee), they will also have the opportunity to perform in various optional performances throughout the year such as a holiday recital, caroling in nursing homes, BisMan area events. Students who take private voice lessons have the opportunity to participate in yearly music festivals and competitions.

Ukelele & Guitar Groups: Students are required to have their own ukelele/guitar for class and will participate in the spring recital (Date TBD / $25 recital fee). Students will learn a variety of popular music songs. Guitar players are encouraged to also partake in private lessons to advance their classical guitar training skills.

Sensitive Symphonies: This class is for students of all ages with any emotional, physical, or learning special needs. These classes are limited to 3-4 students to ensure each student receives attention and care. These classes are sensory friendly and students will explore a variety of different music genres while learning music theory concepts. Caregivers are welcome but not required to stay for class.

Music Theory (Ages 5+): Music theory classes are a great addition for students partaking in private lessons. Students will develop a deeper understanding of music theory through a variety of learning activities which well help them develop their individual instrumental skills!

Intro to Violin (Ages 3-9): This class is for beginner string players to prepare them for private lessons. Students under age 5 will be considered on a case by case basis. Students will need their own instrument for class. The group will participate in the spring recital (Date TBD / $25 recital fee).

Intro to Cello / Intermediate Cello: The intro class is for beginner string players to prepare them for private lessons. Students under age 5 will be considered on a case by case basis. Intermediate Cello group students are required to audition. Students will need their own instrument for class. The group will participate in the spring recital (Date TBD / $25 recital fee).