Band and Orchestra Instrument Rentals

Arioso Music Academy provides all instruments for band and orchestras through our affiliate Schmitt Music. We also offer harps, guitars, and pianos please contact us for more information on these instruments.

Student Instrument Trial Purchase

Need to get an instrument for school?

Are you looking for the best solution for your student's school band or orchestra instrument needs? Schmitt Music has your answer. It's NOT renting… IT'S BETTER THAN RENT!

Schmitt Music's "Better Than Rent" Instrument Trial Purchase Program gives your child the chance to start school band or orchestra with a quality, educator-approved instrument. You have total flexibility with all the time you need to know if your child will continue to play, and you'll never be forced to decide whether to keep or return your instrument.


Here's how the "Better Than Rent" Instrument Trial Purchase Program works:

YOU MAKE AN INITIAL PAYMENT that covers the beginning trial period and optional accessories or books. After that, you simply keep the instrument and make low monthly payments until the balance is paid. You may pay off your balance or return your instrument at any time. 

IF YOUR CHILD DECIDES TO SWITCH or upgrade to a different band instrument, we'll be happy to exchange instruments for you. We offer new and used instruments at great prices. 100% of the payments you made for the first 12 months of band instruments will apply toward a new instrument – new or reconditioned. 

FOR STRING STUDENTS: Schmitt Music's "Free Size-Up" program keeps pace with your growing child. String instruments are available in many sizes. As your child grows, you can trade up in size so the instrument is always a good fit – for free! When you choose to upgrade to a full size instrument, we allow 100% of the payments you made on your current string instrument toward the purchase of your next string instrument (up to the second instrument's full value). Schmitt Music stands behind your instrument purchase with a reputation for quality products and dependable service since 1896.

Through our affiliate program, Schmitt Music's Better Than Rent Instrument Trial Purchase program offers you:

  • Educator-approved instruments
  • Low monthly payments
  • Flexible instrument exchanges
  • 0% interest / no finance charges
  • Unlimited return option
  • Free size-up (orchestra program)
  • 100% of payments apply
  • Worry-Free Maintenance Plan
  • No restocking or other hidden fees
  • Full service & instrument repair
  • Local repairs and unlimited tunings done right in studio at Arioso Bismarck!

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